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Special & Construction Inspection

MTC’s primary goal is to provide you with a transparent and trustworthy set of “eyes and ears” on your construction projects, giving you a piece of mind that your projects are being constructed to the highest level of quality. Your skilled onsite technician will be selected based off their years of specialized experience when it comes to your specific construction project. This experience means keeping one company throughout the course of your project. We think you’ll agree, our team will meet and exceed your expectations!

Special inspections help to reduce costly failures by verifying the specified construction materials are used, and that their applications and materials are constructed per the design's intent. MTC’s inspection staff are skilled at providing efficient and timely solutions during the construction process. They have the experience, knowledge, capabilities and foresight to identify problems before they occur.

Special & Construction Inspection Services Include:

  • Reinforced, Pre-Stressed & Post-Tensioned Concrete

  • Onsite & Plant Testing of Asphaltic Concrete

  • Moisture Emission Testing

  • Shotcrete Placement

  • Structural Masonry

  • Brick Veneer & In-Place Shear Testing

  • Pre-Cast Plant Inspection

  • Batch Plant Inspection

  • Structural Steel - Including Cold-Formed & High-Strength Bolting

  • Non-Destructive Testing, Magnetic Particle & Ultrasonic Testing

  • Cold Formed Steel & Lateral Framing Inspection

  • Anchor Bolt & Reinforcement Pull-Testing

  • Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials

  • Epoxy and Proprietary Anchoring Systems

  • Floor-Flatness & Floor Levelness Testing

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Pachometer & Schmidt Hammer

  • Nailing for Seismic Resistance

  • Membrane Roofing System Inspection

  • Seismic Retrofit Complaince

  • Paint & Industrial Coatings Verification

  • Waterproofing Inspection

  • Firestopping

  • Compaction Testing - Soils & Asphalt

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