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Advanced Geotechnical Laboratory Services Include:

  • Capillary & Aeration Porosity

  • Collapse Potential of Soil

  • Consolidation

  • Core Logging

  • Maximum Media Density (Green Roofs)

  • One Dimensional Swell

  • Permeability

    • Falling Head, Flexible Wall & Rigid Wall​

  • Triaxial Shear Testing

    • Unconsolidated, Consolidated​

  • Unconfined Compressive Strength

  • Unit Weight of Soils

Geopysical Services Include:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Utility Locates

  • Structural Scanning

  • Forensic Surveys


Geotechnical Engineering Services Include:

  • Geologic Site Reconnaissance

  • Subsurface Explorations

    • Borings, Hand Auger & Cone Penetration

  • Geopier & Stone Column Foundation Design

  • Slope Stability & Settlement Analysis

  • Retaining Wall & Shoring Design

  • Infiltration Testing & Design

  • Slurry Wall Design

  • Seismically-Induced Settlement & Liquifaction Analysis

  • Observation & Documentation of Piles

  • Geologic Hazard Assessment (CAO)

  • Geotechnical Forensic Investigation

  • Subgrade Stabilization (Geosynthetic Reinforcement)

  • Design of Rigid & Flexible Pavements (Mix Design)

  • Ground Water Monitoring & Storm Design

  • Slope Liner & Earth Embankment

  • Impoundment & Pond Design

  • Subsurface Mapping

MTC offers a full-spectrum of geotechnical engineering services ranging from field exploration and data collection to laboratory testing of soil properties, engineering analysis design and earthwork construction monitoring services. Our professional staff includes Washington State registered professional engineers, geologists and engineering geologists that are familiar with the region's subsurface conditions and apply this experience to develop prudent and practical recommendations.

Geotechnical Engineering

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