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The health and safety of you and our employees is our number one priority


Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc is a multi-faceted, local, WABO and AASHTO certified small business providing accredited geotechnical engineering, materials testing, construction inspection, and laboratory testing services. Our field and laboratory services range from geotechnical site evaluation and construction observation, to inspecting and monitoring the quality of the construction materials delivered and installed at your project. Our laboratory capabilities include testing soils, rock, concrete, aggregates, hot-mix asphalt, stone, masonry and grout. We think you will agree that MTC is a qualified firm you can count on.

Special Inspection

MTC’s primary goal is to provide our clients with a transparent and trustworthy set of “eyes and ears” on their construction projects, ensuring that their projects are constructed to the highest level of quality. 

Materials Testing

MTC's laboratories are managed by WABO certified laboratory supervisors. Our laboratories provide our clients with quick and accurate data, handling a wide-array of construction materials


MTC offers a full-spectrum of geotechnical engineering services ranging from field exploration and data collection to laboratory testing of soil properties,  design and  monitoring services.


MTC's licensed environmental staff have experience with Environmental Site Assessments and Critical Areas Investigations in accordance with local and state jurisdictions.

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